How to play

First start

Enable or disable sound using on–screen arrows (left/right) and OK button (we strongly recommend to enable sound, the music is excellent, in the style of music from the first Doom!)

Then select texture smoothing mode (if you have old phone, select 8–bit mode, for modern phones smoothing has almost no affect on FPS). To our taste, it is better to leave the “Optimal” smoothing mode, in order to preserve retro atmosphere better.

Main menu

New GameStart game from the beginning.
LoadLoad previously saved game.
SaveWhen you exit the game, your gameplay will be automatically saved, and the next time you can continue exactly from the same place. If you want to save your game apart from this (before a difficult place), you can do it in the main menu with the help of Save button.
ContinueContinue the current game.

You can go to settings with the hardware menu button (starting with Android 3.0, it appears at the bottom of the screen, next to the other buttons).


If you play the demo and decided to buy the full version, all your saves will not be lost (except for auto–saves), and starting the full version, you can continue to destroy the monsters from your last save.

You can go to settings, not only in the main menu, but at any point in the game (using the hardware menu button).


Main settings

Control schemeHere you can select the type of control if you do not like the current one.
Key mappingsIf there are hardware buttons in your phone or tablet, then you can map them.
GammaIf even at maximum brightness of screen the image is too dark, here you can fix it.
Level texture smoothingSmoothing the walls, objects and enemies, is off by default to create retro effect.
Weapons texture smoothingSmoothing the weapon is on by default, because the weapon looks better with smoothing.
Enable soundIf you play at night, turn off the sound in order not to frighten the neighbors :)
Music volumeThe volume of background music.
Effects volumeThe volume of shots and other sounds.
Map positionPosition of the minimap to the center of the screen.
Show crosshairAlthough, following the canons of Doom you will not have to aim precisely, you can still turn on the sight.
Rotate in–game screenRotate the screen by 180 degrees. It is useful if there are hardware buttons (D–Pad or trackball) in your phone and you want to play with you left hand.

Controls setting

Controls opacityTransparency on–screen controls, from almost invisible to fully opaque.
Max rotate angleThe speed of rotation (for an “Experimental” control).
Invert rotationOnly for an “Experimental” control scheme and accelerometer.
Enable accelerometerSelect for a rotation with the accelerometer.
Accelerometer accelerationHow quickly a player will rotate using the accelerometer.
Trackball accelerationHow quickly a player will move by controlling with the help of trackball (if it is in your phone).
Pad X–AccelerationRotation speed for the control schemes “Left Pad” and “Right Pad”.
Pad Y–AccelerationMove speed (forward/backward) for the control schemes “Left Pad” and “Right Pad”.
Move speedMove speed (forward/backward) for the control schemes “Classic”, “Improved” and “Experimental A”.
Strafe speedStrafe speed (left/right) for the control schemes for the control schemes “Classic”, “Improved” and “Experimental A”.
Rotate speedFor the control schemes “Classic”, “Improved”, “Experimental A” and “Experimental B”.

Seven control schemes!

We approached seriously the issue of control schemes, because controls convenient for modern 3D shooters, are not suitable for old school shooters. There are 7 different types of control schemes at your choice.

ClassicIt is the very type of control used by John Carmack in his Wolfenstein for iPhone. Carmack is the founder of 3D shooters, so he can be trusted :)
ImprovedSome changes have only improved classical control schemes. We recommend!
Left PadFor those who like to keep a finger on “Action” (“Fire”) button, we optimized classical control schemes. Although it has lost strafe buttons, it is still rather convenient.
Right PadOption for left–handers.
Experimental ATo tell the truth, originally the game was being developed with this control scheme. In our opinion, it is inferior to other types of control, nevertheless you’ll probably like it.
Experimental BFor fans of control schemes in modern 3D shooters, we have done it in the style of Shadowgun, but with a retro touch.

Unfortunately, the tablets with a large screen (for example, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1), it is not very comfortable to play :( But we’re working on it, and not far from the update control schemes, optimized for large tablets.

Left Pad
Right Pad
Experimental A
Experimental B

Secrets and cheats

Having passed a level, you could see the line “Secrets: 0%”, and set yourself a question — and how to find these secrets?

In Gloomy Dungeons 3D secrets are made in the classic Doom–style — look for walls that seem unusual to you and click the “Action” (“Fire”) button in front of it. If the wall is lost and there will be a secret pass – go through it immediately and get congratulations with your find of the secret.

If the game is too complicated for you

gmfaGet all possible weapon and ammunition.
gmfhRestore your health and get a red bullet–proof vest.
gmakGet all the keys.
tmnlInstantly jump to the next level.
tfpsShow frames per second on the screen.
gmgmGod mode (you’ll be malicious cheater, if you use this code).